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Fanfaren Corps
Photo Gallery - Germany 2003

March 3rd - Page 2

February 28
March 1 - Page 1
March 1 - Page 2
March 2 - Page 1
March 2 - Page 2
March 3 - Page 1
Fuzzy, Ansgar the Emcee and John.
Karl Heinz and Gustaf enjoy the after party.
Several seasoned Rheinischer members pose for a quick picture.
John makes an appointment with the doctor.
Members enjoy the Rosenmontag street party. No hooligans to be found.
Danny gets a lift from Erich.
Thousands of people party in the street on Rosenmontag.
More party fun.
Rosenmondnacht Party scene.
Andy finds a partier getting a ride home in a shopping cart.
Walter waves goodbye from the Ibis.

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Last updated on: March 20, 2003