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The Rheinischer Verein Fanfaren Corps

"The RV Drum & Bugle Corps"

The Fanfaren Corp with Prince Cornel and Princess Sonja
The Fanfaren Corps with Prince Cornel and Princess Sonja, 2001
The Rheinischer Verein Fanfaren Corps is a German ethnic drum and bugle corps made up entirely of voluntary members. We are a subset of our parent club, the Rheinischer Verein Mardi Gras Society.

As a German ethnic drum & bugle corps, the Fanfaren Corps attempts to maintain the traditions of similar groups throughout our culture and history.

Our music selections are limited by the instruments we play. Our main instrument is the brass fanfare, which is a brass horn similar to a trumpet but without the keys. The rest of the band is composed of fanfares with valves, brass bass horns, snare drums, tenor drums, bass drums, cymbals and a xylophone.

The Fanfaren Corps stops by to visit the St. Louis FBI office.
The Fanfaren Corps on an outing to St. Louis, 2001.

The Fanfaren Corps on Chicago's Lakefront.
The Fanfaren Corps at Chicago's Lakefront, 1990.
In addition to performing to at all Mardi Gras functions, the Fanfaren Corps also performs in parades and assorted other festivals throughout the year.
Parent Club - Fanfaren Corps - Amazonen Corps - Prinzen Garde