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Fanfaren Corps
Photo Gallery - Germany 2003

March 2nd - Page 2

February 28
March 1 - Page 1
March 1 - Page 2
March 2 - Page 1
March 3 - Page 1
March 3 - Page 2
Armin and Corina.
Rob celebrates by enjoying some German wine and sharing hats.
Rob takes time to meet more new friends.
The Fanfaren Corps learns a new song.
More wine and fun.
Paul with a new hat.
The Fanfaren Corps performs after exchanging hats.
More from the hat exchange performance.
John and Fred enjoy meeting new friends.
Fred, Walter and Wally pose for a picture with Scott the paratrooper.
Peter and Monika relax at the Ibis lounge.
Fred and Mark celebrate a great day.

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Last updated on: March 19, 2003